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Rosemary Gallagher spoke to 'Colston Four' barrister Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh, who has been named lawyer of the month in our sister publication Irish Legal News. She discusses the chance events and encounters that led her to a life in human rights law. Barrister Blinne Ní Ghrá

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The law commissions of England, Scotland and Wales have produced a joint report setting out their recommendations for a regulatory framework concerning automated vehicles. If the idea of vehicles capable of driving themselves dominating the local high street seems at present somewhat futuristic, sof

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In a new article, Terra Firma's Maurice O'Carroll considers unauthorised development and immunity from planning enforcement. "Development is unauthorised when it has taken place in the absence of planning permission. A local planning authority (LPA) has the power to issue an Enforcement Notice (EN)

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The perverse jury can be a fair fickle beast. The acquital of four defendants who quite clearly broke the law when they pulled down the statue of Edward Colston is a case in point. Manifestly, it was wantonly remiss of Bristol's Labour Council and Mayor to risk leaving the said effigy of the reprehe

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Copycat branding is nothing new; we regularly see it happening where a store sells an own-brand product (usually for a lower price) that very closely resembles a name-brand product. So, where should we draw the line between harmless lookalike and detrimental copycat? Last year, high-end gin company

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What could have been done better in response to the Covid-19 pandemic? Has any aspect of the response broken Scots criminal law? Are there any circumstances in which compensation should be paid to those who have suffered the disease or to relatives of those who have passed because of it? Though

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The gambling industry awaits the outcome of an imminent white paper which is sure to deal operators a fresh deck of cards which may not all be to their liking, writes Audrey Ferrie. The existing Gambling Act 2005 came into force in 2007 but it is widely recognised that current legislation needs a re

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Clyde & Co recently successfully defended a claim in the All Sheriff Scotland Court against a dissolved company from a pursuer who had previously made a successful claim against another party, writes David Tait. The second action related to a former employer of the pursuer for whom the insurance

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Kirsty Stewart and Hannah Smethurst look at the IP issues surrounding a book compiled during the production of Alejandro Jodorowsky's unmade Dune film. The epic was to feature artwork by H.R. Giger, a soundtrack from Pink Floyd and a cameo appearance from none other than Salvador Dalí –

451-465 of 605 Articles