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When Gilson Gray LLP appointed David Winnie to lead its sports offering in May this year, he arrived with a distinct advantage. Heading up the firm’s new sports and immigration specialism and working alongside its corporate team, Mr Winnie is not only a solicitor with 15 years’ experienc

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Change is coming to rent reviews for traditional agricultural tenancies. The Land Reform (Scotland) Bill which is at present going through the Scottish Parliament contains proposals to change the law in relation to how rent reviews are to be dealt with, writes Hamish Lean. Currently, rents are revie

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Narcissists of minor repute, for whom notoriety is more achievable than fame, have bitten the hand that feeds them in their latest attack – on the UK's book festivals. David J Black adduces evidence of their hypocrisy, among other things. They never seem to bother with the detail or consider t

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A simple question: do leaders make history, or does history make leaders? Seeking an answer formed the basis of a course by the author on leaders and leadership in history at Harvard University. The debate in understanding leadership is said to be deciding between those (like Machiavelli) who believ

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The Cleveland Torso Murderer, also known as the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run, was an unidentified serial killer who was active in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1930s. In parenthesis, it should be acknowledged immediately that these sorts of designations assume that there is one responsible person but that

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As controversy rages over the reinstatement of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Glasgow School of Art, this timely and thoroughly researched book makes an eloquent plea for the restoration of what was a jewel in Scotland's artistic and cultural crown. The Mack was considered to be the great masterpiece o

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Gillian Mawdsley looks at the inquest into the recent death of lawyer Vanessa Ford and what the profession should learn from the tragic case. Vanessa Ford's death on 23 September 2023 provides, if required, further evidence that legal professionals need to be supported regarding their mental health.

1-15 of 769 Articles