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A recent disclosure to Companies House highlights the value that UK businesses can derive from taking out cyber insurance cover, writes Christian Toon. The Law Gazette reported how the company behind conveyancing firm Simplify was able to recover from its insurance provider the majority of cost

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The many, and systematically horrible, events in the southern states of America over many years in the middle of the last century are described in Margaret Burnham’s new book By Hands Now Known: Jim Crow’s Legal Executioners. The phrase ‘Jim Crow’ is an American shorthand for

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But a city is more than a place in space. It is a drama in time. Edinburgh is - the most condensed example, the visible microcosm of the social evolution which is manifest everywhere in the city. – Patrick Geddes. Keynote lecture, London University, July 1904 Few innovative thinkers have been

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When a partner of a law firm contacts me about their marketing efforts, I often sense their caution. More often than not, I learn that they have previously been “burned” by a marketer who promised the world but ultimately lacked the tools to deliver. Developing a successful legal marketi

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Clowns to the left and jokers to the right: the Scottish electorate is zugzwanged as David J Black sees it. Some weeks ago The Guardian’s Marina Hyde levelled a blast against Labour and its normally hesitant leader. Her headline, 'What was that dreadful thud? The sound of Keir Starmer falling

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The bland reference in many books to ‘lawyers’ may understate seriously the exact nature of the work done in practice. Individual histories of firms and individuals provide an insight as to the formation of firms, their longevity and the work of the solicitors and their staff. Several di

1-15 of 508 Articles