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Review: Justice need not be static. In Scotland the lady, sans her blindfold, but with a vestige of the tell-tale scales in her left hand, once stood proudly over the doorway of Scotland’s 1639 Parliament with her companion Mercy until that building was ‘improved’ (i.e. largely dem

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Interest rates are on the rise and expected to hit unprecedented levels with some observers predicting a recession on the horizon – both of which will impact commercial tenants and landlords undertaking rent reviews. An open market rent review is where the new rent is calculated as what a tena

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Now that the 'not proven' debate has been settled, defence advocate Tony Lenehan writes about the impending juryless trials pilot and questions the authority on which it has been proposed. I cannot now remember what I was doing in 1994 which distracted me from watching the OJ Simpson trial on televi

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In Oil States Industries (UK) Limited v "S" Limited; Lagan Building Contractors Limited (in administration); John Hansen and Stuart Irwin, the joint administrators [2022] CSOH 52, the argument related to the development of a new office and production facilities for the pursuer. The first defender pr

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Yesterday, the judgment in the case of SD as legal representative of her son, LD v Grampian Health Board, known as NHS Grampian, was issued by the Court of Session. By way of background, on 24 August 2008, the pursuer, SD, gave birth to her son LD at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital. LD suffered severe a

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In an era where consumer disputes are increasingly progressed and decided via electronic means by companies such as major online retailers, banks and travel agencies, those attending court for the first time in civil disputes can find the process daunting and time-consuming. The issues presented by

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UK businesses can expect a crackdown on furlough fraud after HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) revealed that almost 14,000 whistleblowers had come forward with information about misuse of the scheme. In total, officials received 13,775 tip-offs from employees about fraud against the furlough scheme co

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James Chalmers and Fiona Leverick respond to recent articles about jurors’ assessment of credibility in criminal trials. Our recent study of the way in which jurors assess credibility in criminal trials has been the subject of some attention in Scottish Legal News. In this study, we reported o

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Increased interest in and enjoyment of the Scottish countryside by the public over the last few years has resulted in many not just taking to the hills, but enjoying land by the water too, and Scotland's rivers are renowned for the quality of fishing by those that enjoy the sport. You may have heard

466-480 of 785 Articles