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Members of the Scottish Solicitors Bar Association (SSBA) are invited to respond to a survey on their preferred option for the distribution of the remainder of the Scottish government's resilience fund. The government, which has paid out £2.3m of the £9.5m fund, has sought the opini

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The number of remand prisoners has increased by more than a third over the course of the pandemic due to delays in criminal trials, Howard League Scotland has warned. It said the population was 1,293 in February 2020 but rose to 1,753 by April this year. This represents an increase of 35.5 per cent

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Margaret Taylor speaks to Julia McPartlin, president of the newly formed Scottish Solicitors Bar Association, on the crisis that has led to its formation. After years of pleading with the Scottish government to raise legal aid fees, by the end of last year Scotland’s criminal defence lawy

1-6 of 6 Articles