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Richard Farndale Given the uncertainty of Brexit, arbitration could provide an opportunity for managing the risk of disputes with greater predictability and control. It should certainly be considered and weighed up at the time you enter into a new contractual relationship, writes Richard Farndale.

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Willie McIntyre We all know that there is a presumption against the imposition of prison sentences, but these days it’s difficult for solicitors, never mind their clients, to access the jail.

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Alan McIntosh Alan McIntosh of Govan Law Centre writes about the different ways PPI claims and protected trust deeds are dealt with in court.

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Gavin McEwan of Turcan Connell writes about the changes charities will see after Brexit. Charity law and regulation are matters which have remained largely within the control of the UK and Scottish parliaments, with little interference from Europe. As a result, there are no major upsets on the legal

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Mark Hastings Within the evolving legal landscape of personal injury, lies a piece of legislation to which pursuers’ firms are becoming more alive when considering the merits of an injured party’s claim, particularly in the pre-litigation stage, writes Mark Hastings.

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Michael Kelly In the first of a series of blogs for The Scotsman, MacRoberts' partner Michael Kelly charts the collapse of his father’s business just before the financial crisis and how he and his brothers helped it emerge from this “dark period” with a “brutally challenging” first three y

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Stuart McWilliams of Morton Fraser, writes about the effect Brexit will have on EU nationals already residing in the UK. In the lead-up to the EU referendum immigration featured as a key issue, but despite calls to “take back control” of the UK borders there is only speculation about how immigr

1411-1425 of 1527 Articles