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Families Need Fathers Scotland suggests some schools' treatment of non-resident parents falls foul of equality laws. FNF Scotland's submission to the consultation on the Scottish government's proposed Education Bill argues that it is time to overturn the custom and practice that gives 'non-resident'

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Jamie Watt looks at the business risks associated with cryptocurrency projects, and the potential for it to be a gamechanger. The concept of exchanging items of value for trade or payment has been with us for thousands of years. Evidence has been found dating back to 7000BC. Sumerian cuneiform table

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The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has fined (for the first time ever) a merging party for a failure to provide information during a merger investigation, write David Flint and Rebecca Ferguson.

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Craig Bradshaw Craig Bradshaw gives his top 10 tips for reviewing design responsibility in construction contracts.

1396-1410 of 1707 Articles