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Former sheriff Douglas J Cusine is impressed by Gillian Mawdsley's new study of sudden deaths and FAIs in Scotland. For me, there are two very significant sentences in this impressive book: “The public should be able to understand the role of an FAI…” (para. 2.01) and “It is

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Do not read on; it is all rubbish. A suggestion, which has had some press coverage recently, is that we may in future be subject to criminal sanctions if our bins contain material of the wrong kind. The “thinking” behind this is to encourage recycling. No sensible person would be opposed

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In the wake of the dropping of proposed legislation in Scotland to pardon those unfortunate women convicted of witchcraft, Robert Shiels reviews the latest book to consider witchcraft trials of the past – and present. There was before the Scottish Parliament from June 2022 a proposal for legis

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Ever since the publication of George Dangerfield's classic 'The Strange Death of Liberal England', the demise of the Liberal Party pre-WW1 has fascinated historians. Robert Shiels reviews the latest addition to the literature.

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There is nothing quite as dull as dishwater but when said dishwater is within a private rented property and it might contain lead, it becomes a lot worse than dull and can become considerably more costly for a Scottish landlord, writes Sophie Noble. Private rented properties are, as we all know

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When Daria Shapovalova arrived in Aberdeen to study for a PhD in international law she never imagined that a decade later she would still be there, lecturing at the University of Aberdeen and leading the institution’s Centre for Energy Law. Her initial encounter with the city had been inauspic

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Graham Ogilvy reviews the autobiography of James McIntyre, the Scottish criminal defence lawyer who got too close to his clients and ended up on the wrong side of the law. Firstly, a declaration of interest. I knew and liked James McIntyre at university where he was popular, cheerful, charismatic an

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The Motor Insurers‘ Bureau is failing claimants, writes Thomas Mitchell. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic collision and the person who has collided with you is either uninsured, or worse, flees the accident scene and is thereafter untraced, then your only recourse

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"A" Company of the 4th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers (9th Brigade, 3rd Division) on 22 August, 1914, resting in the square at Mons, Belgium, the day before the Battle of Mons. Minutes after this photo was taken the company moved into position at Nimy on the bank of the Mons-Condé Canal. Lord Mul

76-90 of 731 Articles