Not proven

Scottish Conservatives vow to scrap ‘not proven’

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross has vowed to scrap the not proven verdict.

Published 23 November 2020

Robert More: Preserve ‘not proven’ and reform Scotland’s jury system

Solicitor advocate Robert More calls for the preservation of the not proven verdict and argues in favour of reforming Scotland's jury system.

Published 23 November 2020

David Lorimer: Mock jury research should not be the basis for reform

David Lorimer comments on JUSTICE Scotland's views of last year's mock jury research, which cast doubt on its value as a basis for reform of Scotland's three-verdict system.

Published 8 June 2020

Scottish government goes on the road to seek views on jury research

The Scottish government is hosting a series of engagement events across the country to seek views from the legal profession, third sector, and people with experience of the justice system, on the findings and any implications its jury research may have for future criminal justice reforms.

Published 7 January 2020

Glasgow School of Law podcast explores jury research

The latest episode of the University of Glasgow School of Law podcast features Professors Fiona Leverick and James Chalmers discussing their findings for the Scottish Jury Research Project with Dr Alan Brown.

Published 20 December 2019

First Minister to be asked to back abolition of ‘not proven’ verdict

The First Minister is to be asked to back calls for the abolition of the not proven verdict.

Published 4 December 2019

Removing ‘not proven’ verdict will lead to more miscarriages of justice, academic warns

Removing the not proven verdict from Scots law as it stands will increase the likelihood of miscarriages of justice, an academic has warned.

Published 22 October 2019

Lawyers sound note of caution over political moves to abolish ‘not proven’

Lawyers have sounded a note of caution over making fundamental changes to criminal trials following the publication of a report into jury behaviour and the use of the ‘not proven’ verdict.

Published 10 October 2019

Long-awaited findings of Scottish jury research published

Major research into how juries reach decisions and how they are influenced by factors including the size of the jury, the number of verdicts available and the type of majority required has been published.

Published 9 October 2019

Case against Scotland’s third verdict not proven, say QCs

There is no basis for the belief that abolishing the ‘not proven’ verdict in Scots law will lead to more people being found guilty of rape and could in fact result in "rogue convictions", leading criminal lawyers have told Scottish Legal News.

Published 5 June 2019

Gordon Jackson QC backs abolition of ‘not proven’

The Dean of the Faculty of Advocates has called for the 'not proven' verdict to be abolished and for Scotland's jury system to be reformed.

Published 29 May 2019