Lord Sumption

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Scottish Legal News editor Kapil Summan speaks to historian and former Supreme Court justice, Jonathan Sumption, Lord Sumption, at his home in London. They discuss criminal reforms; the limits of law; the decline in legislative drafting in the UK; free speech and the need to stand up to the new cult

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SLN's editor reviews Trials of the State: Law and the Decline of Politics by Jonathan Sumption. Though apt to be caricatured as some sort of anti-judge in the post-prorogation world, iconoclast jurist Jonathan Sumption—in this, his first popular legal book—echoes Montesquieu wh

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This year's Reith Lectures are now available on BBC iPlayer. In his first lecture, recorded at Middle Temple in London in front of an audience, retired Supreme Court Justice Lord Sumption argues that, until the 19th century, law only dealt with a very narrow range of human problems. But that has cha

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Advocate Paul Harvey reflects on the third of Lord Sumption's Reith Lectures, in which the former Supreme Court justice takes the ECHR to task. These are unsatisfactory times for lawyers who wish to engage in public debate. The law, like so many other specialist disciplines, is not always fairly and

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A proliferation of new laws and judicial power has diminished people's ability to make their own decisions, according to a former Supreme Court justice, The Times reports. Jonathan Sumption QC, Lord Sumption, 70, retired from the bench in December last year. He said that the case of Charlie Gard ind

1-9 of 9 Articles