Lord Sumption

Lord Sumption says UK government’s handling of pandemic augurs authoritarianism

The actions of the UK government during the coronavirus emergency this year bear the hallmarks of authoritarianism, Lord Sumption has warned.

Published 28 October 2020

Lord Sumption admits to disobeying coronavirus rules when they reached ‘absurdity’

Lord Sumption has admitted that he stopped obeying the coronavirus regulations when they began "reaching levels of absurdity".

Published 22 July 2020

Judge in his own cause

SLN's editor reviews Trials of the State: Law and the Decline of Politics by Jonathan Sumption.

Published 6 May 2020

Lord Sumption: Judiciary stepped in to curtail Johnson’s ‘disgraceful constitutional abuse’

A former judge has said the Supreme Court moved the boundaries of the law because of a "particularly disgraceful constitutional abuse" by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Published 26 September 2019

Lord Sumption’s Reith Lectures now available on BBC iPlayer

This year's Reith Lectures are now available on BBC iPlayer.

Published 15 August 2019

Paul Harvey: Problems with the Strasbourg Court are practical, not philosophical

Advocate Paul Harvey reflects on the third of Lord Sumption's Reith Lectures, in which the former Supreme Court justice takes the ECHR to task.

Published 7 June 2019

Lord Sumption criticises ‘mission creep’ of European Convention on Human Rights

A former UK Supreme Court judge has criticised the "mission creep" of the European Convention on Human Rights and suggested that the UK could be forced to withdraw from the nearly 70-year-old convention.

Published 5 June 2019

Law’s Expanding Empire: Lord Sumption on the erosion of personal responsibility

A proliferation of new laws and judicial power has diminished people's ability to make their own decisions, according to a former Supreme Court justice, The Times reports.

Published 21 May 2019