No FAI into 2017 Cameron House Hotel deaths

Following an investigation and criminal prosecution leading to the conviction of two parties, Crown counsel, on behalf of the Lord Advocate, have decided not to hold a fatal accident inquiry into the deaths of Richard Dyson and Simon Midgley at Cameron House Hotel in December 2017.

Published 20 April 2021

Lib Dems: Remove Crown Office from fatal accident inquiries

Responsibility for the fatal accident inquiry (FAI) system would be removed from the Crown Office under new proposals from the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Published 16 April 2021

FAI to be held into 2016 deaths of three fishermen

A fatal accident inquiry (FAI) is to be held into the deaths of three fishermen who died in 2016 after their boat sank in the Outer Hebrides.

Published 15 March 2021

FAI: Sheriff calls for helmet rule for quad bikers

The death of a sheep farmer has led to calls for safety helmets to be worn when riding quad bikes.

Published 21 December 2020

Crown Office apologises for decade-long FAI into death of seaman

The Crown Office has apologised for taking a decade to complete an inquiry into the death of a seaman.

Published 17 November 2020

Video: Public inquiries and FAIs in the COVID-19 era

Compass Chambers' Murdo Macleod QC and Emma Toner have discussed public inquiries and FAIs in the COVID-19 era for the stable's webinar series. They considered what COVID-19 inquiries might look like, what they could conclude and how they should be approached.

Published 14 August 2020

Scotland’s impotent FAI system condemned by families of victims

Scotland's impotent fatal accident inquiry system has been condemned by families who have lost loved ones in tragic accidents, The Sunday Post reports.

Published 10 August 2020

Five-year wait for M9 crash FAI ‘unforgivable’

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today marked half a decade since the tragic M9 crash in which John Yuill and Lamara Bell died, and criticised “glacial and agonising” delays which mean that a fatal accident inquiry (FAI) has still not taken place into the crash and the police's failure to respond for three days. 

Published 3 July 2020

Stuart Munro: Remote hearings – not justice on the cheap

Stuart Munro of Livingstone Brown Solicitors responds to SLN's editorial on fatal accident inquiries held remotely.

Published 25 June 2020

Editorial: Sumburgh FAI – justice on the cheap is justice denied?

All too often our coverage of fatal accident inquiries in Scotland is centred upon their non-occurrence rather than the lessons to be learned from them.

Published 17 June 2020

Family dismayed at prospect of online FAI into Sumburgh helicopter crash

The family of a woman who died in a helicopter crash off Shetland has expressed dismay that the fatal accident inquiry into the incident will be conducted by video conferencing technology, The Times reports.

Published 8 June 2020

Crown Office unit to examine COVID-19 deaths of key workers and care home residents

The Crown Office is setting up a dedicated unit to examine COVID-19 deaths, the Lord Advocate, James Wolffe QC, has announced.

Published 14 May 2020

MacAskill calls for prisoner release amid inmate deaths

Former justice secretary Kenny MacAskill has called for a prisoner release programme to be established by the Scottish government in light of the pandemic.

Published 14 April 2020

Sheriff expresses anger over ‘deplorable’ FAI wait

A sheriff has expressed anger over the “deplorable” seven year wait for a fatal accident inquiry into a North Sea helicopter disaster.

Published 30 January 2020

James Wolffe QC: Fatal accident inquiries must become more efficient

The Lord Advocate, James Wolffe QC, writes on his desire to improve efficiencies in the Fatal Accident Inquiry system.

Published 27 September 2019