hate crime

England: Law Commission proposes crime of misogyny

The Law Commission in England and Wales has proposed making sex or gender a protected characteristic.

Published 24 September 2020

Justice Secretary holds talks with lawyers over plans to ditch parts of hate crime bill

The Justice Secretary has contacted senior lawyers as he prepares to ditch sections of the Scottish government's controversial hate crime proposals.

Published 8 September 2020

Cost of implementing hate crime laws ‘grossly underestimated’

The cost of implementing the Scottish government's hate crime proposals have been vastly underestimated, according to the body representing the police rank and file.

Published 2 September 2020

Scottish Labour calls for new hate crime data

Scottish Labour has called on the Scottish government to update disaggregated hate crime data as the current figures are seven years out of date.

Published 31 August 2020

Coalition of artists and campaigners condemn hate crime bill

A letter published today includes support from over 20 individuals and organisations highlighting their “concerns” over the impact on free expression of the widely derided Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill.

Published 11 August 2020

New hate crime bill could ‘devastate’ police relationship with Scottish public

Proposed hate crime legislation could lead to police officers determining free speech and thereby devastate the legitimacy of the police service, according to the Scottish Police Federation, which represents the police rank and file.

Published 28 July 2020

Scottish Labour expresses ‘serious reservations’ over hate crime bill

Scottish Labour has expressed 'serious reservations' over the Scottish government's proposed Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill.

Published 24 July 2020

Fred Mackintosh QC: Practical problems with the Hate Crime and Public Order Bill

There is a real risk of unintended consequences from this noble attempt to provide greater clarity, transparency and consistency in hate crime law, writes Fred Mackintosh QC of Terra Firma Chambers.

Published 20 July 2020

Hate crime in Scotland rises across all categories

Data published today shows there has been an increase in the number of charges reported in 2019-20 for all categories of hate crime compared to the previous year.

Published 12 June 2020

Justice Committee seeks views on hate crime proposals

Members of the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee have launched a call for views on the Scottish government's plans to update hate crime laws.

Published 4 May 2020

Care expert joins calls for hate crime laws to protect elderly

The head of a group representing Scotland's private care providers has joined calls for new hate crime laws to protect the elderly.

Published 11 July 2019

Legislative response to crimes motivated by gender should cover women only, say women’s groups

A review of a consultation on hate crime found no consensus on whether the legislative response to crimes motivated by gender should cover women only, although organisations with expertise in women’s issues believe the focus should be on women only.

Published 28 June 2019

Racial crime remains most commonly reported hate crime in Scotland

New hate crime figures published today by the Crown Office show that racial crime remains the most commonly reported hate crime with 2,880 charges in 2018-19.

Published 14 June 2019

Two-thirds of hate crimes last year included a racial element

Two-thirds (67 per cent) of the 6,736 hate crimes recorded in 2017-18 included a race aggravator, crime statistics published today show.

Published 27 February 2019