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As Rishi Sunak arrives in Belfast for talks with political leaders on the Northern Ireland Protocol, Anurag Deb here examines the UK Supreme Court's latest Brexit ruling and what it means for the constitutional statutes doctrine. Anyone who is from Ireland, or who has witnessed a real (as opposed to

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Nicola Edgar compares the approaches to awards for damages following wrongful death between Scotland and the rest of the UK. For a number of years in Scotland, the appropriate level of damages which should be awarded to relatives following the wrongful death of a loved one has been the subject of mu

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Prior to the British Nationality Act 1981, any child born in the UK was automatically a British citizen, writes Nikki Weir. The 1981 Act, which came into force in January 1983, introduced the requirement for a child born in the UK to have at least one parent who is British or ‘settled’ a

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Gwyneth King recently published an opinion piece claiming to set out some facts about the Equality Act as it relates to gender recognition reform. Almost everything she wrote is wrong, writes Dr Michael Foran. King argues that the default position in the Equality Act is that treating a trans woman a

166-180 of 599 Articles