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1891-1905 of 2297 Articles
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A man found guilty of a knifepoint robbery who also allegedly threatened to assault his defence counsel has lost an appeal against his conviction after claiming he did not receive a fair trial due to “defective representation”. Peter Boath, who was sentenced to nine years imprisonment for attack

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Placing a cosmetic product containing ingredients which have been tested on animals on the EU market may be prohibited where that testing has been conducted outside the EU in order to market the product in third countries and where the results of that testing are used to prove the safety of the prod

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A “fugitive from justice” in Poland who claimed that his extradition from Scotland would breach his human rights has had an appeal refused. Jaroslaw Pofelski, who claimed that he had been held in custody for a total of four years in Poland while awaiting trial before leaving the country for Scot

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In the Grand Chamber judgment in the case of Ibrahim and Others v. the United Kingdom, the European Court of Human Rights has held, by 15 votes to two, that there had been no violation of the rights of three applicants (Mr Ibrahim, Mr Mohammed and Mr Omar) under Article 6 §§ 1 and 3 (c) (right to

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A company based in Lancashire has admitted health and safety offences after an employee fell through a void in the floor of a building under construction at Fort Kinnaird Retail Park, Edinburgh. Technic Concrete Floors Limited, a specialist flooring contractor that operates nationwide, pled guilty t

1891-1905 of 2297 Articles