Webinar: Devolution after Brexit

Webinar: Devolution after Brexit

The Scottish Public Law Group is holding a live webinar on Thursday 29 April from 17.30-19.30, on Devolution After Brexit.

Even now that the UK has left the European Union, the full implications of that monumental change remain to be settled - from the shape and nature of our future relationship with the European Union to the consequences for governance within and across the United Kingdom.

Chaired by Christine O’Neill QC (chair, Brodies), the panel of speakers - drawn from each of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales - Professor Katy Hayward (Queen’s University Belfast), Professor Tom Mullen (University of Glasgow), Professor Daniel Wincott (Cardiff University) – will discuss the implications of Brexit for devolution, focussing on issues that are both indigenous to the relevant jurisdiction but from which more general questions also emerge for territorial relations within the UK.

Professor Hayward starts with The Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland: what it means (and potentially could mean) for UK constitutional relations.

Professor Mullen’s presentation, Scotland After Brexit, will focus on Scotland’s new EU Law continuity legislation (the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Act), which took effect from 31 January 2021.

Professor Wincott’s presentation, A Parcel of Rogues in a Union? Public Spending and Control after the UK Internal Market Act 2020, will explore the idea of fiscal union and the development by the UK government of the Internal Market Act 2020 – an act that, for its impact on devolution, is currently subject to judicial review proceedings raised by the Counsel General for Wales.

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