SYLA proposes amendment of standing orders to allow virtual AGM

SYLA proposes amendment of standing orders to allow virtual AGM

The Scottish Young Lawyers’ Association has proposed an amendment to the organisation’s standing orders to allow its AGM to take place under social distancing measures.

This general meeting will take place by Zoom on 27 April 2020 at 5pm. Any member of the association may, if they wish, dial in to the meeting to cast a vote on the amendment. However, there is no obligation on members to do so. The amendment will be passed if two-thirds of those in virtual attendance vote in favour of it.

The proposed amendment would insert a sixth paragraph to the standard orders as follows:

“In emergency situations whereby the committee unanimously determine it is not possible to hold a physical Annual General Meeting the committee shall give notice of this in writing to its members, no later than 21 days before the AGM. Said notice shall advise of the alternative arrangements for the AGM. The AGM shall be held online or by telephone conference. The committee shall invite advance nominations to be submitted by email to no less than 48 hours prior to the AGM. The requirements for nominations to be in written form and undersigned by other members (as set out under clause 2 of the Standing Orders) shall not apply. Any votes in respect of contested positions shall be cast online using a platform nominated by the executive committee. Written notices under this clause may be served via email.”

If any member would like to participate please email the SYLA president, Ayla Iridag at for dial in details.

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