Our Legal Heritage: Dundee solicitors v Dundee CID

Our Legal Heritage: Dundee solicitors v Dundee CID

It might be stretching things a bit to describe this football match in 1980 as part of our legal heritage but it does reflect the days when local faculties ran their own football teams – a practice now in decline – although we were pleased yesterday to report that the Glasgow Bar is making efforts to recruit new blood to its team.

As a contemporary and friend of many of the gentlemen in the photo below, I think we can say, however, that an event that took place 40 years ago is rather historical.

The match was contentious at the time. Dundee solicitors team manager William ‘Billy’ Boyle, who was unable to play due to a long-running injury, said: “The result should never have been 2-1 to the police. The referee was a cop who awarded the police side a penalty that was just laughable.”

The lawyers are in the striped tops. Left to right: Wilson McMichael (deceased), Michael McGinley ( deceased), Frank Doran (deceased), Jim McDonagh (retired), George Donnelly (senior partner Lawson Coull and Duncan), Billy Boyle in overcoat (shortly returning to work after serious illness), Phil Forte (retired), unknown, John Macdonald (retired), Dan Lafaye Ednie (retired), Brian Fitzpatrick (retired) and crouching next to him John Clarke (retired).

Where did all the time go guys?

Graham Ogilvy

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