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American inmate has ‘no right to painless death’

A murderer on death row in Missouri has no right to a “painless death”, the US Supreme Court has ruled.

Calls for European Union to press China on human rights situation

Five human rights groups have called on the European Union to press China on its maltreatment of its citizens at an upcoming summit. The country has faced criticism for its extralegal “political education” camps in Xinjiang where Chinese Muslims are detained.

Amnesty calls on Fiji to end crackdown on press 

The lack of press freedom in Fiji has been highlighted by the arrest and detention of three journalists from New Zealand, Amnesty International has said. The organisation called on authorities to bring an end to the harassment of journalists and defenders of human rights.

Uruguay: Defence minister and military officials sacked over rights abuses

Uruguay’s defence minister as well as his deputy and the chief of the army have all been sacked following revelations of human rights abuses committed during military rule.

UN condemns Brunei’s death penalty for gays and adulterers

The United Nations has said Brunei is violating human rights by passing Islamic laws that would see gay people and those who commit adultery stoned to death.

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