ALP helps vulnerable tenant with enforcement of mandatory notice period

ALP helps vulnerable tenant with enforcement of mandatory notice period

Caitlin Pryde

The Aberdeen Law Project (ALP) has successfully enforced a 24-hour notice period for a vulnerable client.

As a result, the landlord will no longer access the property without providing the mandatory notice to the client.

Prior to ALP’s engagement in the matter, the client’s landlord had entered the property on several occasions without providing notice to the client. In the client’s tenancy agreement, it was stated that the landlord was obliged to give 24 hours’ notice to the client before accessing the property for non-urgent issues. As the client suffered from medical conditions, the notice period was crucial.

Lead advisor Caitlin Pryde and the ALP team sent a letter to the housing association outlining the issues faced by the client when the mandatory notice period was not given. As a result, ALP secured written assurances from the housing association that the notice period would be given in future.

The client said: “I am so grateful to Caitlin at the Aberdeen Law Project for assisting us in ensuring our social landlord adhered to our tenancy contract by providing us with a minimum 24-hour notice period in order to access our property for non-urgent repairs, etc.

“Caitlin was understanding of our medical conditions and how the lack of required notice impacted negatively on our health and well-being. She diligently approached the task at hand, and kept us up to date with our case. Thank you so much Caitlin! Would highly recommend Aberdeen Law Project!”

Lead advisor, Caitlin, said: “This was a case I knew was very important to the mental well-being of my client. Hearing the client’s relief upon a successful outcome has shown me the importance of fighting for justice and highlights the difference ALP can make in people’s lives. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to make a difference in our community.”

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