Eamon Keane: Alarm bells ring over hearsay proposals

Solicitor Eamon Keane, early career fellow in criminal law and evidence at the University of Edinburgh, expresses 'considerable concern' over the Scottish government's hearsay reforms, which have passed stage one.

Published 1 April 2020

Evidence expert Eamon Keane delivers expert evidence to Norwegian Court Commission

Eamon Keane has provided written evidence to the Norwegian Court Commission (Domstolkommisjonen) on the Scots law of the evidence.

Published 14 February 2020

Scotland’s first specialised evidence and hearings suite opens in Glasgow

New specialised evidence facilities in Glasgow have been formally opened.

Published 18 November 2019

Exclusive: Lord Glennie questions ‘straitjacket’ of Moorov doctrine

A judge has questioned why the courts require facts to be "squeezed into a Moorov straitjacket" instead of recognising a more general principle admitting similar fact evidence where relevance is established.

Published 28 August 2019