Crime fell 38 per cent after first lockdown

Crime declined by 38 per cent after the first lockdown last year, according to new findings.

Published 1 March 2021

Nearly 1,700 domestic abuse crimes reported under new law

Nearly 1,700 crimes were reported under Scotland's new domestic abuse laws in their first year in force, according to new figures.

Published 29 September 2020

Scotland sees fall in likelihood of being a victim as crime rates decline

Scotland’s chief statistician today released the main findings of the 2018/19 Scottish Crime and Justice Survey (SCJS).

Published 16 June 2020

Significant increase in convictions for rape and attempted rape

Convictions for rape and attempted rape increased by 43 per cent in Scotland in they ear 2018-19, new figures reveal.

Published 1 April 2020

Scotland sees 115 per cent increase in reports of rape and attempted rape and 10 per cent rise in violent crimes

There has been a 115 per cent increase in reports of rape since 2010-11, while reports to police of sexual crimes increased by eight per cent from 12,487 to 13,547, new figures show.

Published 24 September 2019

New financial penalty to be imposed on criminals to fund victim support

Offenders will be required to contribute to the cost of supporting victims of crime from November.

Published 12 September 2019

England: Johnson unveils controversial plans to overhaul sentencing, prisons and stop-and-search

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled plans to "overhaul the criminal justice system" in England and Wales by reviewing sentencing policy, investing £2.5 billion in the construction of new prisons, and strengthening police stop-and-search powers.

Published 12 August 2019

Violent crimes in Scotland rise by 10 per cent

The number of violent crimes recorded by Police Scotland has risen by 10 per cent, according to new figures.

Published 20 May 2019

CashBack for Communities total funding to reach £110m

The next phase of funding for the CashBack for Communities scheme will take total investment in the programme to almost £110 million since it began in 2008.

Published 15 May 2019

181,000 UK offenders fuelling ‘chronic and corrosive’ threat from serious and organised crime

There are at least 181,000 offenders linked to serious and organised crime (SOC) in the UK, the National Crime Agency has revealed.

Published 14 May 2019

Justice survey records 16 per cent decline in crime

There has been a 16 per cent fall crime in Scotland since 2016-17, new figures show.

Published 26 March 2019