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A Lords committee has called for the creation of a revitalised, better-functioning and less rancorous United Kingdom in a new report. In Respect and Co-operation: Building a Stronger Union for the 21st century, published today, the Constitution Committee details a series of reforms to strengthen the

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The actions of the UK government during the coronavirus emergency this year bear the hallmarks of authoritarianism, Lord Sumption has warned. The former Supreme Court justice noted that authoritarian government promotes "loyalty at the expense of wisdom and flattery at the expense of objective advic

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Edinburgh Law School's Professor Jo Shaw has presented her new book, The People in Question: Citizens and Constitutions in Uncertain Times, at a virtual book launch. Professor Shaw has also produced an essay which updates the book to take into consideration the current crisis – The pandemic an

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SLN's editor reviews Trials of the State: Law and the Decline of Politics by Jonathan Sumption. Though apt to be caricatured as some sort of anti-judge in the post-prorogation world, iconoclast jurist Jonathan Sumption—in this, his first popular legal book—echoes Montesquieu wh

1-6 of 6 Articles