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A man found guilty of assault with intent to rape who claimed that the sheriff misdirected the jury has successfully appealed against his conviction. The Criminal Appeal Court ruled that a “miscarriage of justice” had occurred after the sheriff failed to give appropriate directions on the credib

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A man acting under a power of attorney who claimed that a local authority should pay for his elderly mother’s 24-hour one-to-one care at home has had a petition for judicial review dismissed. The petitioner “PQ” argued that the respondent Glasgow City Council failed to perform its statutory du

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A couple suspected of tax evasion whose home was searched did not suffer any violation of their article 8 rights, the European Court of Human Rights has unanimously held. The proceedings against them had been triggered when information about their assets held in a Liechtenstein bank had been illegal

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A man who was jailed for four months after being found guilty of hare coursing has successfully appealed against his sentence. The Sheriff Appeal Court allowed the appeal after ruling that the sheriff ought to have imposed a “substantial fine” as an alternative to custody.

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A paedophile convicted of a catalogue of sexual offences against 19 children has failed in an appeal against his “lifelong” sentence. Andrew Byrne, 27, was given an Order for Lifelong Restriction (OLR) with a punishment part of six years in 2010 after pleading guilty at the High Court in Glasgow

1756-1770 of 2177 Articles
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