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UKSC: Doctor who negligently advised mother over genetic condition not liable for costs associated with child’s unrelated diagnosis

A woman whose doctor negligently led her to believe she was not a carrier of a hereditary disease has had her appeal against a decision that the doctor was not liable for all the costs associated with raising her child refused by the Supreme Court.

UK Supreme Court 22 June 2021

Supreme Court holds accounting firm liable to English building society for millions in damages for negligent advice

The Supreme Court has found that an accounting firm that incorrectly advised a building society that it could use a method of accounting known as “hedge accounting” to handle volatility in certain payments had negligently cost the society £32 million for the cost of ditching the contracts early as a result.

UK Supreme Court 21 June 2021

Outer House finds HMRC wrong to refuse claim for backdated child tax credits by refugee couple

A judge in the Outer House of the Court of Session has found that a married couple who were granted refugee status are entitled to a reduction of a decision by the tax authority not to accept their claim for backdated child tax credits.

Court of Session Outer House 18 June 2021

Inner House refuses asylum appeal by Pakistani student who claimed to be at risk because of his homosexuality

A Pakistani man who claimed he was at risk of persecution for being gay if he was deported has lost his appeal against a Lord Ordinary’s decision not to allow him an appeal against the decision of an immigration tribunal.

Court of Session Inner House 17 June 2021

Former director of housebuilding company entitled to bonus payments post-departure

A judge in the Outer House of the Court of Session has determined that the former executive of a housebuilding company who was made redundant should be entitled to bonus in respect of projects completed after his redundancy.

Court of Session Outer House 16 June 2021

Former residents of Argyll children’s home who alleged historic abuse have actions dismissed

Two former residents of a home for the children of seafarers in Rhu, Argyll, have had their actions for damages against the operators of the home dismissed after a judge concluded that it would not be possible for there to be a fair hearing.

Court of Session Outer House 15 June 2021

Paisley man run over by bakery van while intoxicated wins appeal against dismissal of damages claim

A man who was run over by a bakery van while he was lying intoxicated in the middle of the road has successfully reclaimed against the decision of the Lord Ordinary that he was not entitled to damages in the Inner House of the Court of Session.

Court of Session Inner House 14 June 2021

Sheriff Appeal Court holds woman who witnessed Glasgow bin lorry crash not entitled to damages for psychological harm

A woman who witnessed the 2014 Glasgow bin lorry crash has failed to appeal a decision of the All-Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court that she was not entitled to damages for psychological and psychiatric problems arising from the incident.

Sheriff Appeal Court 11 June 2021

Ex-diplomat found in contempt of court over Salmond case refused permission to appeal to Supreme Court

A journalist and former diplomat who was found to be in contempt of court for publishing material relating to the trial of former First Minister Alex Salmond has been refused permission by the High Court of Justiciary to appeal his case to the Supreme Court.

High Court of Justiciary 10 June 2021

Sheriff finds that man who took fatal overdose in Perth prison did not die as a result of an accident

A sheriff has determined that a prisoner who died in hospital following an overdose the day after his sentencing did not die as a result of an accident caused by failures in the prison system.

Sheriff Court 9 June 2021

Pakistani man who fled abusive marriage without meeting baby daughter granted divorce and contact order

A judge in the Outer House of the Court of Session has granted a decree of divorce between a Pakistani man and his Scottish wife at the husband’s instance and made a contact order allowing him to meet his young daughter for the first time.

Court of Session Outer House 8 June 2021

Sheriff Appeal Court sends case of teacher accused of assaulting vulnerable children back to sheriff

A Crown appeal by stated case against a sheriff’s decision to uphold a no case to answer submission in a case against a teacher charged with assaulting children with additional support needs has succeeded in the Criminal Division of the Sheriff Appeal Court.

Sheriff Appeal Court 7 June 2021

Outer House judge resolves dispute between feuding Italian brothers appointed joint executors of mother’s estate

An Italian man whose deceased mother was domiciled in Scotland has successfully petitioned the Court of Session for the removal of his brother as an executor of her estate after he began living in her property without consent.

Court of Session Outer House 4 June 2021

Indian citizen serving prison sentence in Scotland fails in challenge of parole decision

An Indian citizen serving a long-term prison sentence for an offence under the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009 has been unsuccessful in his challenge of a decision of the Scottish Ministers not to release him on licence.

Court of Session Outer House 3 June 2021

Recipient of payments under self-directed care provisions fails to challenge alteration to support provisions

A recipient of support payments under the Social Care Self-Directed Support (Scotland) Act 2013 has failed in his challenge of a reduction in support hours by the health board responsible for paying for that support.

Court of Session Outer House 2 June 2021