Supreme Court looks for new justice as Lord Kitchin retires

Supreme Court looks for new justice as Lord Kitchin retires

Lord Reed

The process to appoint a new justice to sit in the UK Supreme Court has begun.

As a result of the retirement of Lord Kitchin, applications are being sought for the appointment of a new justice, to take effect later this year.

The court needs people of truly exceptional intellectual and legal ability, with sound judgment and decisiveness. The selection commission is looking for candidates who can show an ability to contribute to the collegiate decision-making of the court, a sensitivity to the needs of different communities and groups and an ability and willingness to engage in the wider representational and leadership role of a justice. The Supreme Court is required by statute to have judges with a knowledge of, and experience of practice in, the law of each part of the United Kingdom.

President of the Supreme Court, Lord Reed, said: “The cases dealt with by the Supreme Court and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council involve complex points of law of general public importance.

“Candidates require a deep level of legal knowledge and understanding, combined with high intellectual capacity and an understanding of the social context in which these issues arise and of the communities in which the law is there to serve.

“They will need to demonstrate exceptional legal ability, maturity of judgment, an ability to work within a system of collegiate decision-making, an understanding of the constitutional context in which the Court operates, and a willingness to engage in wider outreach activities.

“Eligible candidates from any part of the United Kingdom can apply. The Selection Committee is hoping for a wide range of applications. The Supreme Court is committed to diversity and inclusion, and the Selection Committee welcomes applicants from all backgrounds.”

The closing date for applications is 5pm on 22 May 2023.

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