So you want to be… a judicial assistant

Thursday, 28 February 2019

The Scottish Young Lawyers’ Association (SYLA) is delighted to welcome a team from the UK Supreme Court to speak to members on what life is like working as a judicial assistant to the Justices of the UKSC.

This event offers the opportunity to learn more about the role and to participate in a Q&A with those who have experienced life working at the court. 

Chris Maile, head of HR at the court, will speak along with current judicial assistants about their perspective on work in the final court of appeal.

The event is kindly hosted by the Society of Solicitors of the Supreme Court in Scotland (SSC) in their lounge, which is located in SSC Building, access to which is via Parliament House, 11 Parliament Square, Edinburgh EH1 1RQ.

The event will commence at 18.00 and refreshments will follow in the SSC Library on the conclusion of the talks and Q&A.

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Find out more about the role in SLN’s profile of two former JAs

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