Scottish solicitor and retired RAF wing commander establishes new firm

Scottish solicitor and retired RAF wing commander establishes new firm

Allan R M Steele

A Scottish solicitor and retired RAF wing commander legal officer is to establish a boutique legal practise dedicated to serving the needs of his former Armed Forces colleagues.

ARMS Legal Services WS will be led by Wing Commander Allan R M Steele WS RAF (Retd), who served in the RAF for almost 17 years.

He has represented hundreds of service personnel and having served in the UK Joint, Air, NATO and UN environments. He also served in the Pentagon, where he was awarded the US Meritorious Service Medal.

Wg Cdr Steele told Scottish Legal News: “Having served in the RAF for a little under 17 years and having deployed extensively, I understand the service person and the challenges they face. That is more than just a matter of credibility; it is a matter of knowing the issues and the client base. I have advised 4* generals and every rank through to the private soldier. With that range of experience, I understand the military mindset and what the service person expects.”

He added: “My practice will be deliberately niche. I will advise and assist service personnel in what amounts to an internal system of quasi employment law. That includes advising on the service complaints system and will include appeals and referrals to the service Complaints Ombudsman for the Armed Forces.

“I will also represent service personnel who face administrative action. Such action can be career-threatening and can have lifelong effects. For too long, I have observed a system where service personnel are put through a process with little other than a non-legally qualified ‘assisting officer’ being appointed to help them.

“Many have become comfortable with the notion of remote working, particularly over the past few months. However, the need for face to face advice and rapport building still exists. I will cater for service personnel in the UK and overseas. I am not averse to travelling to the most dangerous places in order to consult with clients and witnesses. As a veteran and now a SSAFA fundraising volunteer, it is an environment that I am very comfortable in.”

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