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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

Alarm as 2 billion people have parliaments shut or limited by COVID-19 | openDemocracy

Democracy groups warn of “significant risks” to rights around the world as a growing number of parliaments shut down or restrict their meetings and agenda.

China: Authorities release jailed human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang | BBC News

Wang Quanzhang, who was imprisoned for subversion, is freed but not allowed to see his family.

Israel/Palestine: Rights group demands Israel open testing centres in Palestinian areas | Middle East Eye

Rights groups are demanding that authorities end their neglect of tens of thousands of Palestinian residents of occupied Jerusalem who have yet to gain access to testing.

Colombia: Lockdown will affect the right to abortion, says human rights lawyer

The national lockdown and closing the borders may hinder the access of Colombian and Venezuelan women to services that are essential to their sexual and reproductive health.

Hungary: Orbán seeks to end legal recognition of trans people amid COVID-19 crisis | The Guardian

A draft law proposed by the Hungarian government would end legal gender recognition for transgender people.

Brazil: Prison labour tantamount to ‘slave labour’ | BusinessDay

Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro state has unlawfully extended an unpaid labour scheme for prisoners denounced by human rights experts as a form of modern slavery.

Peru: State ‘responsible’ for police rape and torture of trans woman, court rules | PinkNews

The top human rights court in the Americas has found Peru responsible for the rape and torture of a trans woman while in police custody.

US: Maeve Kennedy McKean’s body is recovered after canoe search | BBC News

The body of human rights lawyer Maeve Kennedy McKean, granddaughter of assassinated presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy, has been found in Maryland.

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