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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

How a teenager’s death sparked human rights concerns in Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador – When 19-year-old Carlos Javier Vega left home on February 2 in the southern city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, it was the last time his family would see him alive.

Israel, Hamas accused of war crimes in new UN report

Israel and Hamas have been accused of committing a litany of war crimes and human rights abuses since 7 October in a new independent report to the UN Human Rights Council.

Turkish police officers acquitted for murder of Kurdish lawyer Tahir Elçi | Medya News

A verdict was reached this week in the 11th hearing of the high-profile murder case of Kurdish human rights lawyer Tahir Elçi, as the court room erupted in outrage at the acquittal of three police officers alleged in the killing.

Guatemala lawyer who defended rural and Indigenous people killed in attack | The Washington Post

A Guatemalan lawyer who worked closely with organisations representing farmworker and Indigenous groups has been killed in an apparent ambush.

The conspiracy of silence over Chinese rights abuses

Tech firms continue to bow to pressure from Beijing. Where is the outcry?

Massive Attack cancels show because of Georgia’s attack on ‘basic human rights’

The band’s announcement comes as thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Georgia recently, protesting a parliament-approved law regulating the media and NGOs, which for many echoes similar legislation in Russia.

AI Tools Are Secretly Training on Real Images of Children

A popular AI training dataset is “stealing and weaponizing” the faces of Brazilian children without their knowledge or consent, human rights activists claim.

Swiss parliament rejects landmark European court ruling in blow to global climate action

Ruling by European Court of Human Rights said Swiss government was violating rights of senior citizens by not doing enough to tackle climate crisis.

Gaza campus protests: two human rights law experts write new principles for universities

Israel’s assault on Gaza, following Hamas’ attack in October 2023, has become the subject of international legal proceedings and mass protest. Over the past eight months, university students have set up encampments at dozens of universities in Europe and North America. In most cases, they are protesting their university’s financial ties to Israeli companies and universities.

Iraq’s new anti-LGBTQ+ law: a harsh new reality | Fanack.com

Iraq’s parliament recently enacted legislation that criminalises same-sex relationships, imposing a maximum prison sentence of 15 years.

Mexican Church speaks out against US ban on asylum claims

SÃO PAULO, Brazil – After President Joe Biden’s new directive on asylum claims on the border with Mexico made it even more difficult for refugees to get into the United States, the Mexican Church said such issues “shouldn’t be guided by the pressures of electoral times and politics”.

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