Rights watch

Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

UN demands end to Israeli forces’ support of settler attacks on West Bank Palestinians

UN human rights office expresses concern over escalating violence after deaths near Nablus over weekend

Ukraine identifies 37,000 people as missing, warns the figure may be ‘much higher’

Ukraine said Tuesday it had identified almost 37,000 people, including military personnel, who are unaccounted for since Russia’s invasion began in February 2022, warning the actual figure may be “much higher”.

Kim Jong Un ‘Desperate’ to Control Narrative in North Korea: US Official

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s public moves to stop pursuing eventual unification with the South is rooted in a “desperate” effort to control the flow of information in country, according to a Biden administration diplomat.

Violence Against Women Is at the Center of Mexico’s Security Crisis

A recent mob attack underscores the need to recognize the gendered dimensions of violence in a critical election year.

India elections: ‘Our rule of law is under attack from our own government, but the world does not see this’

On a crisp winter morning in February 2023, I meet one of my South Delhi neighbours, a lawyer in India’s supreme court, in a local cafe. As an avid promoter of religious minority rights, known for his commitment to the principles of equality that were enshrined in the constitution after India gained independence in 1947, I am taken aback by the gravity of the fears this lawyer reveals to me over coffee.

Insurance firms should shun the East African Crude Oil Pipeline

The project is already devastating local communities and will contribute to climate change if completed.

Germany makes changing legal gender easier

The change will allow people age 14 and older to more easily legally change their first name and gender in Germany.

Biden has to decide soon whether to sanction Venezuela. Here’s what to know

As Venezuela’s authoritarian regime continues to crack down on its opponents, the U.S. government must decide this week whether to reimpose sanctions on the country’s vital oil industry. The deadline is Thursday.

Dutch parliament links customs union talks with Turkey to human rights rulings

Dutch parliament conditions Turkey’s customs union modernisation on the release of Osman Kavala and Selahattin DemirtaƟ, following European human rights court decisions.

Death-row inmates’ lawsuit targeting same-day notifications of executions dismissed

The Osaka District Court on Monday dismissed a lawsuit by death row inmates that claimed same-day notifications of executions violate the Constitution — the first ruling of its kind.

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