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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

Will new criminal bills turn India into a police state ahead of 2024 vote?

India’s parliament passed controversial legislation in December that has raised concerns about civil liberties and surveillance.

‘Different rules’: special policies keep US supplying weapons to Israel despite alleged abuses

Revealed: review of internal state department documents shows special mechanisms have been used to shield Israel from US human rights laws.

North Korea is teaming up with China and Russia to violate human rights

Even as the US, ROK and Japan bolster cooperation, another trilateral alliance is conspiring to undermine global order.

Who Are The Baloch Militants At The Center Of Tensions Between Iran And Pakistan?

Balochistan, a region divided between Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan, has been at the center of missile strikes and elevated tensions between Iran and Pakistan in recent days, in large part because of militant groups there who are fighting for more regional autonomy.

Politician among at least 3 transgender people killed in Mexico already this month as wave of slayings spur protests

Authorities in Mexico said at least three transgender people were killed in the first two weeks of 2024, and rights groups were investigating two additional such cases. The slayings marked a violent start to the year in a country where the LGBTQ+ community is often targeted.

Human rights organization raises concerns over Senegal’s disinformation law

International human rights organization Article 19 raised concerns on Wednesday over Senegal’s law against disinformation as a threat to freedom of speech and expression. These apprehensions arose ahead of the upcoming elections in the West African country on February 25.

Indonesian candidates urged to address human rights concerns

Indonesian candidates are urged to address human rights concerns ahead of the 14 February election.

Sri Lanka has arrested tens of thousands in drug raids criticized by UN body

Sri Lankan authorities say they have arrested tens of thousands of people in a monthlong crackdown on drugs and are vowing to continue despite U.N. criticism of possible human rights violations during the “heavy-handed” operation.

Russia jails disabled pilot 8 years for seeking to join Ukraine army

A Siberian court has sentenced a disabled and retired airline pilot to more than eight years in prison on charges of trying to join the Ukrainian army, the human rights project Perviy Otdel reported Friday.

Spain shaman arrests: Police say group sold psychoactive drugs to members

Spanish police have arrested 18 people alleged to be involved in a shamanic organisation that sold hallucinogenic drugs to its members.

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