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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

Israel using white phosphorus in Gaza, Lebanon, endangering civilians: HRW | Al Jazeera

Israel has used white phosphorus in its continuing military operations in Gaza and Lebanon, putting civilians at serious risk, Human Rights Watch has said, following an analysis of video of the conflict.

Exclusive: Hamas attack, Israeli response fall under ICC jurisdiction-prosecutor

The International Criminal Court has jurisdiction over potential war crimes carried out by Hamas militants in Israel and Israelis in the Gaza Strip, even though Israel is not a member state, the ICC’s top prosecutor told Reuters on Thursday.

US condemns ‘forced repatriation’ of Chinese rights lawyer Lu Siwei from Laos | Hong Kong Free Press

The United States has denounced the deportation of a prominent human rights lawyer from Laos to his native China, calling for details on his whereabouts and assurances on the ailing activist’s access to medical care.

China wins seat at UN Human Rights Council as Russia loses bid | The New Arab

The UN General Assembly announced this week that China had been elected to the UN’s Human Rights Council, despite Uyghur campaign groups flagging massive rights abuses against the Muslim minority in the west of the country.

Nigerian policeman sentenced to death for shooting pregnant lawyer on Christmas day | Global Voices

A high court in Lagos, Nigeria has sentenced police officer Drambi Vandi to death for the fatal shooting of a pregnant lawyer, Omobolanle Raheem, on Christmas day.

Tipping the scales: Journalists’ lawyers face retaliation around the globe | Committee to Protect Journalists

CPJ has identified lawyers of journalists under threat in Iran, China, Belarus, Turkey, and Egypt, countries that are among the world’s worst jailers of journalists.

Families of the executed appeal to ‘heartless’ Singapore for change | Al Jazeera

Family members of prisoners on Singapore’s death row are calling on the government to bring an immediate moratorium on executions and implement a review of the city state’s use of the death penalty.

Osman Kavala wins Europe rights prize, Ankara calls the award ‘unacceptable’ | EURACTIV.com

The Council of Europe has awarded its top rights prize to jailed Turkish philanthropist Osman Kavala, who has come under repeated attack from President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan.

Gay and targeted in Uganda: Inside the extreme crackdown on LGBTQ rights | ABC News

At a small shelter in Uganda, members of the LGBTQ community seek refuge from persecution after their government enacted one of the world’s harshest anti-homosexuality laws earlier this year.

Sweden convicts man over 2020 Quran burning in first | The New Arab

A Swedish court has convicted a man of inciting ethnic hatred with a 2020 Quran burning, the first time the country’s court system has tried the charge for desecrating Islam’s holy book.

Imprisoned Iranian women’s rights campaigner Narges Mohammadi wins Nobel Peace Prize | The Times of Israel

The 2023 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to imprisoned activist Narges Mohammadi for fighting against the oppression of women in Iran.

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