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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

House where Hitler was born to become police station and human rights training centre, Austria says

The house in Austria where Adolf Hitler was born is to be turned into a police station with a human rights training centre attached, the Austrian government has said.

Pakistan rights activist Imaan Mazari-Hazir, ex-lawmaker Ali Wazir arrested

Authorities in Pakistan have arrested a prominent human rights lawyer and a former lawmaker in overnight arrests in the capital, Islamabad.

Antisemitism of top European Court judge exposed

The European Court of Human Rights is facing calls to re-examine cases involving Jews after its longest-serving judge was exposed for sharing extreme antisemitic content on social media.

How Abandonment Weakens Human Rights

The experience of abandonment has been examined from different lenses. Many works contribute to understanding its impact and deep connections with the human psyche, power, politics, morality, and law.

‘Absolute dog act’: Queensland Labor criticised for shock move to override state’s Human Rights Act

The Queensland government has introduced legislation to allow it to imprison children in police watch houses for adults “even if it would not be compatible with human rights”.

India’s Ongoing Struggle with Human Rights in Punjab

In the Indian state of Punjab, a land noted for its rich cultural heritage and agricultural significance, the shadows of historical and current human rights violations loom large. The region’s history is marred by a disturbing pattern of abuses against its inhabitants, a troubling sequence that resonates globally and warrants international focus.

Foreign Executives Need To Do Human Rights Due Diligence In Mexico

Foreign executives need to engage in robust political risk analysis in order understand local power dynamics in Mexico.

Human rights defender Sami Huraini convicted on two counts and awaits sentencing

On 22 August 2023, the Israeli Ofer Military Court convicted human rights defender Sami Huraini on two counts, “insulting a member of the border police” and “disturbing the public order”. The human rights defender was acquitted of the third count of “entering a closed military area”. Sami Huraini has been facing judicial harassment by the Israeli military court system since the beginning of 2021.

Russia court closes human rights organization for alleged legal violations

The Moscow City Court ruled Friday to liquidate the Public Commission for the Preservation of the Heritage of Academician Sakharov (Sakharov Center), a human rights organization, for “systematic, gross and irremediable violations of the law,” according to Interfax. The administrative claim to liquidate the Sakharov Center was granted after an application from the Moscow Department of the Ministry of Justice.

Small island states punch above their weight at UN Human Rights Council

For small island states with small diplomatic teams in Geneva, participating in the United Nations Human Rights Council is a challenge. But without their contribution, climate change would not be as high on the UN body’s agenda.

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