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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

Rights groups urge Laos to release missing Chinese lawyer who was trying to get to US | CNN

Dozens of human rights groups have signed a joint petition calling on Laos authorities to release a prominent Chinese lawyer following reports he has been detained in the Southeast Asian country while trying to travel to the United States.

Iran’s judiciary uses legal tricks to prosecute human rights lawyer | IranWire

In the aftermath of the Woman, Life, Freedom movement, several lawyers have faced arrest and received prison sentences for various reasons, though Marzieh Mohebi’s verdict has taken an unexpected turn in the judicial system.

Attack against lawyers: Advocates boycott courts in India’s Andhra Pradesh | Deccan Chronicle

Advocates from all Andhra Pradesh bar associations are boycotting the state’s courts in protest of the kidnapping and assassination of Bezawada Bar Association member Rayasam Adiseshu Vithal Babu.

Pakistan government faces backlash over ‘draconian’ arrest powers | The Guardian

The Pakistan government is facing a backlash from MPs and senators after introducing an amendment to a colonial-era secrets act that critics have said will grant “draconian” powers to its military intelligence agency to detain and arrest citizens with impunity.

Moroccan man jailed for five years for criticising king in Facebook posts | The Guardian

A Moroccan internet user has been sentenced to five years’ jail for criticising the king on Facebook over the country’s normalisation of ties with Israel, his lawyer has said.

Hong Kong targets exiles’ loved ones as crackdown turns to old CCP playbook | Al Jazeera

After silencing Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, authorities in the territory have found a new target: the family members of dissidents who fled overseas.

Ukrainian prisoners face horrific sexual violence in Kherson torture chambers, says UK lawyer | i

Fresh evidence has emerged about horrific sexual violence allegedly used against Ukrainian prisoners detained in Kherson’s “torture chambers”, in a report by an international human rights law firm.

Egypt: Rights chief comparison of prison to ‘five-star hotel’ draws backlash | Middle East Eye

The head of Egypt’s state-backed National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) has sparked criticism online after comparing a prison complex to luxury accommodation.

Asylum seekers who claimed torture and abuse in Latvia are using the courts to fight back | Euronews

People are looking to take the Latvian state to court alleging ill-treatment including beatings, electric shocks and cigarette burns.

Turkish police once again disregard top court’s ruling on Saturday Mothers, detain 50 | Gazete Duvar

The Turkish police once again thwarted the Saturday Mothers’ vigil in Istanbul’s Galatasaray Square, where they had been demanding information about their relatives who disappeared under custody since 1995.

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