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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

UN human rights chief tells Israel to ‘heed the calls’ of anti-overhaul protesters

The UN human rights chief on Thursday urged the Israeli government to “heed the calls” of anti-overhaul protesters to preserve civil rights and maintain checks on power.

US officials to meet Taliban to discuss security and human rights

Some experts have said the US needs to engage with the Taliban, including establishing a presence in Kandahar where group’s leadership is based

Saudi Arabia denies Neom human rights abuses in response to UN report

Saudi Arabia has officially responded to a United Nations Human Rights Council report criticising death sentences for three men connected to the Neom mega project.

India police arrest 74 Rohingya refugees in latest crackdown

Indian police say they have arrested 74 Rohingya refugees for living “illegally” in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh in a move activists condemned as an arbitrary crackdown on people fleeing violence.

Human Rights Activists Say Iran’s Regime Humiliates Women

The Group of Human Rights Activists in Iran has taken a firm stance against “humiliating and inappropriate sentences” particularly targeted at women.

UN panel says it’s concerned about human rights violations in Uganda in recent years

Human rights violations including extrajudicial killings in Uganda in recent years have raised the concern of a panel of United Nations experts.

Japanese writer who exposed army’s WWII human rights atrocities dies, aged 90

RENOWNED Japanese mystery writer Seiichi Morimura, whose non-fiction trilogy The Devil’s Gluttony exposed human medical experiments conducted by a secret Japanese army unit during World War II, died on Monday aged 90.

$23B First Nations child welfare settlement gets human rights tribunal approval

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has approved a $23.4-billion settlement agreement for First Nations children, youth and families harmed by the federal government’s underfunding of child welfare services.

How a National Human Rights Act Could Change Rights Protection in Australia

Australia is the only Western democracy not to have a Human Rights Act in its legal system or constitution. Instead, Australia has a patchwork of rights, leaning on individual legislation, such as the Anti-Discrimination Act of 1977, implied rights, common law, and state-by-state legislation.

Italy’s Meloni hosts conference on immigration with regional leaders

Italy hosted Mediterranean leaders in Rome on Sunday at a conference aimed at extending an EU-backed deal with Tunisia to curb the arrival of migrants on European shores.

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