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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

Attackers break Russian journalist’s fingers and stab human rights lawyer in Chechnya | The Guardian

Assailants have carried out a brutal attack on a human rights lawyer and a prominent Russian journalist in Chechnya, leaving them with stab wounds, broken fingers and head wounds.

Another human rights lawyer gives up on Hong Kong | The Asia Sentinel

Robert Tibbo has become the latest human rights attorney to give up his practice in Hong Kong and leave the territory for good, charging that the government has become authoritarian and is approaching totalitarianism.

Eight years since crackdown, persecution persists for rights lawyers in China | Voice of America

It has been eight years since China launched a sweeping crackdown on more than 300 lawyers and human rights defenders on July 9, 2015. For some, the persecution that began with the “709 Crackdown” persists to this day.

Young Russian lawyers step up to defend anti-war protesters | The Japan Times

Most high-profile opposition figures who have not already fled Russia are now in prison. Sofia Gominova and other OVD-Info lawyers, one of Russia’s biggest legal defense groups, are working to defend them.

Human rights lawyer representing Zimbabwean opposition politicians assaulted | TimesLIVE

Human rights lawyer Obey Shava was allegedly attacked, by four unidentified men who left him severely injured, said Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR).

Justice vigil in Germany spotlights plight of lawyers in Turkey | Medya News

The Voices of Solidarity Association held its 110th Justice Vigil in Cologne, Germany to raise awareness of the plight of imprisoned lawyers in Turkey and draw attention to the human rights violations occurring within the country’s prison system.

Efforts to bring justice to Rohingya must be accelerated, ICC chief prosecutor says | CNN

The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor has told CNN that efforts to bring justice for the Rohingya must be accelerated and the world cannot look away from the ongoing crisis.

Over 1,100 Palestinians said held by Israel without trial, highest figure since 2003 | The Times of Israel

Israel is currently holding over 1,100 Palestinians without trial or charge, the highest figure since 2003, an Israeli rights group said.

‘Catastrophic’ human rights situation in Belarus - UN report | Euronews

The human rights situation in Belarus remains dire and is getting worse, the UN special rapporteur for the country has said, with even children reportedly threatened for expressing their own opinions.

Anti-BDS bill shielding Israel will have ‘profound detrimental’ impact on UK, says top lawyer | Middle East Monitor

A top lawyer commissioned by the UK Labour Party to provide legal advice on the government’s new anti-boycott bill has warned that it will have a “detrimental impact” on Britain.

Queer Ugandans reveal devastating impact of anti-gay law | openDemocracy

At least nine people have been charged under Uganda’s repressive new Anti-Homosexuality Act in its first month, according to a local legal aid organisation.

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