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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

How EU leaders should deal with Chinese government repression

Josep Borrell, the European Union’s high representative for foreign affairs, in a recent commentary, offered a hint of how the EU may adjust its three-part policy towards the Chinese government (“partner, competitor, and systemic rival”).

HRW urges Pakistan to not try civilians in military courts

A leading rights group has urged Pakistan not to try civilians in military courts, reminding the government that the practice violates the country’s obligations under international law.

Iran executed over 300 people in 2023, highest in May since 2015

Iran has executed over 300 people this year, with the rate in May during the current surge in hangings the highest monthly figure in the country since 2015, a rights group said on Thursday.

Colombia: Murder of Human Rights Defenders Increased by 42 Pct

The Duque administration left in 2022 a legacy that “could not be worse” due to the growth and expansion of illegal armed organizations.

Millions of Syrian refugees face fight to reclaim homes

As many as 14 million Syrians face a near insurmountable barrier to returning to their homes after the government passed laws giving the state power to seize their land and property, according to a report by the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

Dong Guangping: Missing human rights activist held in Chinese detention, says family

A Chinese human rights defender who went missing from Vietnam has been imprisoned in China’s Henan province for over seven months, according to his family.

Yemen’s Houthis detain 17 members of Bahai minority

Yemen’s Houthi forces stormed a private residence in Sanaa, Yemen, and detained and disappeared 17 people belonging to the Bahai faith on 25 May, Human Rights Watch reported (HRW).

Spying for Human Rights

The U.S. intelligence community appears to be doing more to document Russian atrocities in the war in Ukraine than it has to document human rights abuses in any conflict in history.

Summit of South American leaders faces divisions on Venezuela: ‘The human rights situation is not a narrative construction’

The diplomatic rehabilitation of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in the region culminated Tuesday at a meeting of South America’s leaders in Brasília in Brazil, where the Chavista leader was greeted as an equal by his counterparts.

Should internet access be a basic human right?

The cost of living crisis has driven a million users offline in the UK – here, Dr Merten Reglitz makes the case for universal internet access, and the dangers of digital inequality

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