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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

Surge in Iran executions aims to ‘spread fear’, rights groups say

Iran hanged 75 percent more people in 2022 that the previous years, two rights groups said on Thursday, denouncing an “execution machine” aimed at spreading fear as protests shook the country.

China jails two leading human rights lawyers after closed-door trial

A Chinese court has sentenced two prominent human rights lawyers to jail terms of more than a decade each, a relative and rights groups say, in the latest move in a years-long crackdown on civil society by President Xi Jinping.

UN rights chief seeks help for surge in central Med migrants

The U.N. human rights chief has called for an expansion in regular migration channels and search-and-rescue operations after a “steep increase” in the number of migrants and asylum-seekers making risky attempts to cross the central Mediterranean to Europe.

How death and despair haunt Pakistan’s Christian minority

Sargodha, Pakistan – It is just before 4am on a chilly November morning and Maryam Bibi, 34, is waiting in a small, musty room for her 16-year-old son Suleman to get ready so they can leave for work.

Tibet and Xinjiang: The Usual CCP’s Crimes and the Usual CCP’s Scorn

Once again, a UN committee indicts the PRC for violating human rights. And once again China answers with contempt and lies.

OAS rights court rules against Mexico on no-bail policy

The Inter American Human Rights Court ruled Wednesday that Mexico violated the rights of two men who were held in pre-trial detention for 17 years before being convicted of homicide.

Canada: Overcoming racism depends on respect for every person’s dignity

I teach a course on race, racialization, racism and human rights. In my classes and some of my research, I highlight empathy, personhood and respect for human dignity as fundamental to overcoming racism.

The new nationalism: Eastern Europe turns right

One after another the narratives that prop up belief in western liberal democracy have fallen. Ideal financial system? Not after the 2008 crisis and the euro. Military superiority? Iraq and Afghanistan have put an end to that. Effective politics? See gridlock in Washington DC and arm-twisting in Brussels.

The rise of the South: can BRICS weaken the dominance of the World Bank and IMF?

Who would have expected that the BRICS nations could rise and become the potential rival of the G7 countries, the World Bank and the IMF combined? That once seemingly distant possibility now has real prospects which could change the equilibrium of world politics.

US Citizen Captured by Libyan Militia, Accused of Inviting Muslims to ‘Convert to Christianity’

A U.S. citizen has reportedly been captured in Libya, and detained for alleged Christian evangelizing.

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