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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

China’s growing influence threatens to undermine global human rights, new research finds

China’s growing global influence poses a serious threat to international human rights, according to a new report, which suggests that the United Nations Human Rights Council — the body established to safeguard such international protections — is failing to counter the risks.

Yemeni journalist describes abuse and torture in prison amid human rights crackdown in the country

Hunger, anarchy and the proliferation of weapons and bombs in Yemen has meant a deterioration of liberties and the spread of corruption and injustice.

Russia-Ukraine war exposed human rights ‘double standards’

The invasion of Ukraine has exposed the “double standards” of human rights internationally, a new Amnesty International report has said, with the West adopting a tough response to Russia’s war of aggression while also maintaining a “deafening silence” on rights abuses around the world.

Bangladesh journalist charged over story about rising food prices

Bangladesh police on Wednesday charged a reporter from a leading newspaper with producing “false news”, stoking fears about media freedom, after an article about high food prices went viral.

In Turkey, women are feeling the worst aftershocks of the earthquake disaster – this disparity may lead to dwindling trust in government

When natural disasters strike, women and girls tend to experience disproportionate challenges and heightened risks.

Amnesty report details rights violations across sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa has been subject to grave human rights violations in multiple nations, according to a new State of the World’s Human Rights report released by Amnesty International on Tuesday.

Swiss women launch landmark lawsuit in Europe claiming weak climate action breaches their human rights

A group of older Swiss women are taking their government to Europe’s top human rights court, claiming its failure to act on the climate crisis is violating their human rights.

Human rights groups are raising concerns about police brutality in France

With the high number of officers on the streets today, human rights groups are raising concern about police brutality. The European Commission and Amnesty International have both documented “excessive force” by officers in recent weeks. The government, however, says the violence is being driven by groups of extremists.

European Court judges Hungary for racial segregation of Romani children

The European Court of Human Rights has issued a judgment against Hungary for the racial segregation of Romani children in the Jókai Mór Primary School in Piliscsaba. The case was brought by Imre Szolcsán, a Romani student who attended the school, and complained of segregation and poor teaching.

LGBTQ summit calls on Japan to enact anti-discrimination law

Japanese LGBTQ activists and supporters on Thursday held an inaugural Pride 7 Summit in Tokyo, where they called on Group of Seven governments to promote and strengthen support and legal protections for LGBTQ people and urged Japan’s government to enact an anti-discrimination law before it hosts this year’s G-7 summit in May.

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