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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

China rallies support over Xinjiang report at U.N. rights meeting

China attacked a report issued by the U.N. rights office (OHCHR) on alleged abuses in Xinjiang on Tuesday and read out a statement backed by around 20 other countries criticising the U.N. body for releasing it and saying it had no right to do so.

Myanmar: Increasing evidence of crimes against humanity since coup

Crimes against humanity and war crimes have intensified in the wake of the February 2021 military coup in Myanmar, the UN Human Rights Council heard on Monday.

EU nations to UN: Monitor human rights issues in Russia

After weeks of discussion, 26 European Union (EU) member states agreed to set a draft resolution in motion to press the United Nations’ (UN) Human Rights Council to appoint a special rapporteur on Russia, according to diplomats.

Sweden’s ugly turn to the right

A sense of alarm has been building in the minds of Sweden’s Kurdish population. One of the world’s largest minorities without a state, around 100,000 Kurds have found refuge in a country renowned for its tolerance. But after the shock electoral success of the far-right anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, they are feeling exposed and vulnerable.

North Korea rules out denuclearization. The West should prioritize human rights

Kim Jong Un proclaimed last week that North Korea will “never give up” its nuclear weapons and that ongoing nuclear arms development is “irreversible.” With that stark declaration, he put another nail in the coffin of denuclearization and threw down the gauntlet to the West to accept reality or try to reverse it.

Rwanda’s consensual democracy needs a reset

The repressive system Rwanda’s governance model has morphed into can no longer address Rwandans’ aspirations.

Brazil’s Ultra-Conservative Surge and the 2022 Presidential Elections: Is Bolsonaro Over Yet?

As the first round of Brazilian elections approaches, support for both parties remains closely matched. However, there is justified concern for the future of Brazil’s democracy.

Italian politician’s threat highlights dangers Europe’s Roma face

A far-right Italian politician’s recent social media stunt highlights the continued discrimination and threats Roma people face in Italy and across Europe.

Province rescinds appointment of Alberta Human Rights Commission chief

The Alberta government has rescinded the appointment of the head of its Human Rights Commission in a dispute over a passage in a book review that has been criticized as Islamophobic.

Mehreen Faruqi considering human rights commission complaint over Pauline Hanson tweet

Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi has accused Senator Pauline Hanson of creating a hostile and unsafe workplace, and is considering a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission, after the One Nation leader told her to “piss off back to Pakistan” on social media.

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