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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

Yemen: Huthi authorities must release four journalists sentenced to death

Yemen’s Huthi de facto authorities must quash the death sentences and order the immediate release of four Yemeni journalists who are facing execution following a grossly unfair trial, Amnesty International said today ahead of an appeal hearing on 29 May before the Specialized Criminal Appeals Division in Sana’a, Yemen.

Rights at risk: Russia’s withdrawal from the ECtHR

The stakes of Russia’s withdrawal are exceedingly high—for past and present victims and for the Court itself.

Washington’s Concerns Over Human Rights Situation In India – OpEd

Religious freedom, liberty of thought and pluralism being cardinal value are of paramount significance for democracy but India is losing its democratic contours.

Chile government apologizes to woman for forced sterilization

The Chilean state has apologised to a woman who was forcibly sterilised by doctors because she was HIV positive.

Are Orban’s Covid powers now the ‘new normal’ in Hungary?

As the world continues to seek productive ways to provide assistance to the beleaguered citizens of Ukraine, the Hungarian government is now using the humanitarian crisis to further its own authoritarian ambitions.

Egypt ‘prosecuted more than 16,000 people’ for political reasons in 2020 and 2021

At least 16,064 people have been victims of politically-motivated prosecutions in Egypt in 2020 and 2021, according to a new report.

Australia: Citipointe college referred to Human Rights Commission over withdrawn student enrolment contracts

Parents and former students of Citipointe Christian college, one of Queensland’s largest independent schools, will today file a series of discrimination complaints related to the school’s attempt to institute controversial enrolment contracts with anti-gay and anti-trans provisions.

Over half of death row inmates in sub-Saharan Africa are in Nigeria – Report

Of the total number of death row inmates as of December 2021, about 3036, which represents over 52 per cent, were in Nigeria.

Mexico’s Supreme Court Bans ‘Random’ Immigration Checks

Mexico’s Supreme Court reached a landmark ruling last week, overturning a legal provision allowing immigration agents to stop anyone and demand proof of their legal status. The ruling came after years of litigation by human rights groups and could have a profound impact on Mexico’s enforcement-heavy immigration policy, driven by pressure from the US to stop migrants from reaching the border.

NATO bid reignites Sweden’s dispute with Turkey over Kurds

Turkey’s demand that Sweden and Finland extradite 33 people looks set to heavily delay NATO membership bids by Stockholm and Helsinki.

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