Remote hearings in the days of coronavirus

Remote hearings in the days of coronavirus

Jon Kiddie

Terra Firma’s Jon Kiddie has considered the essentials of remote hearings in a new article, particularly in relation to civil proceedings, from where we were pre-pandemic to the current situation where remote hearings have become the new norm.

“This article represents its author’s attempt to make some sense of the morass of information issuing forth on this topic of late, and to distil it into its essentials, particularly as these relate to civil proceedings. Mention is made of vulnerable witnesses as part of the evolution of remote hearings. However, this is not the primary focus. Therefore, other special measures are not considered in detail, e.g. such as a court might put in place for the questioning of complainers in criminal trials involving sexual offences as permitted under ss.274 to 275 of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995, as amended.”

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