Macnabs’ Ruth Croman accredited as family law arbitrator

Macnabs' Ruth Croman accredited as family law arbitrator

Ruth Croman

Ruth Croman, managing partner of Macnabs, has recently been accredited by FLAGS as a family law arbitrator.

A well-respected family lawyer, she is a member of the Family Law Association, Consensus Collaboration Scotland and is accredited as a specialist in both family law and child law.

She said: “Arbitration allows both parties to engage in a flexible process, with complete confidentiality, and the knowledge and guarantee that a decision will be made. Whether it is to agree living arrangements for your children after separation, arrangements concerning their upbringing, or to settle disputes regarding finance or property, arbitration can be an attractive forum to resolve disputes.

“Even when normal service does eventually resume in the courts, the court process can be long, complicated and expensive, and often puts increasing pressure on individuals during an already distressing time.

“During these difficult times, many people might find that their circumstances require them to raise legal action, and they can’t just ‘ride it out’ waiting for this pandemic to be over. We are here to help and can advise on the best action to take to protect themselves now and prepare for their future.”

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