Lord Neuberger becomes patron of Aberdeen Law Project

Lord Neuberger becomes patron of Aberdeen Law Project

Lord Neuberger

Former president of the Supreme Court, Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, is to become a patron of the Aberdeen Law Project.

Following his tenure as president, he was elected as an honorary Fellow of the Royal Society in 2017 and is an honorary member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Lord Neuberger has received honorary doctorates from UCL, Queen Mary London University, University of York, University of Exeter, and University of Oxford.

He said: “With the current political and technological challenges at home and abroad, the rule of law has never been more important. And in an increasingly complex and regulated world, giving citizens access to legal advice and representation has never been more necessary.

“The Aberdeen Law Project therefore deserves strong support. It enables students to appreciate, and to participate in, the rule of law throughout the justice system, this helps them to become more valuable members of society, and it is a very useful experience for their future careers.

“Over and above that, it is of enormous benefit to the many people who have no other means of getting access to justice. I am proud to be associated with the project and the many students involved with it.”

Anna Robertson, commenting on behalf of the board, said: “The ALP family is thrilled that Lord Neuberger has accepted our invitation to become patron. As one of the country’s most distinguished lawyers, we are truly humbled, and greatly looking forward to his lecture in March.”

Emma Jamieson, student director, said: “It is an honour to have Lord Neuberger as patron of the Aberdeen Law Project. Having the support of such an esteemed legal figure is an inspiration to our members and will encourage us to continue to provide the necessary support to our local community.”

Lord Neuberger will address members and supporters of the Aberdeen Law Project at the Annual Lecture in March 2024.

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