Fully digital process for simple procedure cases to be rolled out next week

Fully digital process for simple procedure cases to be rolled out next week

A new fully digital process for simple procedure cases is ready to be rolled out next Thursday, the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service (SCTS) has said.

Civil Online was initially introduced in March last year to allow parties to track the progress of cases in court and was further enhanced in December, enabling parties to access court documents from the portal, with automatic notification, rather than receiving documents by post.

Since December there have been over 4,000 simple procedure cases registered, of which 54 per cent of claimants and 33 per cent of respondents have opted for online notification.

The launch of the new simple procedure digital service will allow parties to submit cases, pay court fees, submit supporting documents and respond to any claim lodged, all online at any time. This will allow fully digital hearings with all case documentation available and presented in the courtroom through Civil Online.

SCTS chief executive Eric McQueen said: “There is no doubt that the public and the legal profession expect to have the option to access our services digitally, 24 hours a day. Civil Online will help us meet these expectations for Simple Procedure cases; it will help make civil justice more accessible and speed up the system for everyone. Of course we know that not everyone is ready to use digital services, so we will continue to provide the more traditional access, while supporting people to use our digital services.”

Over 700 legal firms and organisations are registered to use Civil Online and a number of well-attended demonstrations have been held in Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Dunfermline and Glasgow for solicitors, their staff and other organisations. The events demonstrate the submission process and the presentation of digital cases in a courtroom environment.

The current version of Civil Online will be unavailable from 3pm on Wednesday 24 April until the launch of the simple procedure digital service on Thursday 25 April.

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