ESPC and solicitor estate agents provide new way to sell properties

ESPC and solicitor estate agents provide new way to sell properties

Paul Hilton

A new way to market properties for sale has been launched by a collective group of solicitor estate agents and ESPC.

Offers being accepted subject to the sale of the buyer’s property is common practice in many property transactions across Scotland. This proposition is brought to market to target the reverse of this and allow sellers who want to have similar assurance that they will have the time to find their next home.

ESPC’s new Unlock scheme will add additional clauses to the missives, giving home sellers a strong buying position to secure their next home, with certainty of what they can afford. For buyers, it will offer homes for sale that likely otherwise will never have been brought to market.

For many homeowners, the desire to move is outweighed by the practicality of finding a home to move to. The challenge of finding a new home within a short time frame is too much for some. Unlock offers the opportunity to bring these properties to market and introduce to the market a wide variety of homes for sale than would otherwise likely be unavailable.

There are assurances all round with both parties completing missives within the usual timeframes. However, the seller will have the option to withdraw from the sale if they are unable to find a new home to purchase. There will be the opportunity to negotiate financial compensation should this happen with the contracts are completed.

Andrew’s Diamond, head of property at Lindsays Solicitors Estate Agents, said: “Unlock opens up new opportunities for sellers and buyers alike.

“For sellers who might be hesitant to come to market, it’s a great new way of using strength of position to their best advantage. For buyers it opens up a seam of new properties otherwise not available to the market.”

Paul Hilton, CEO of ESPC, said: “We are delighted to launch Unlock. It represents a new and innovative way for property owners to sell their property and secure their next dream home.

“Unlock is only available through ESPC’s network of solicitor estate agents and provides a creative ‘safety first’ solution to those sellers who want to find a property first before selling.

“It’s never too early to talk to your solicitor about Unlock – it could be the answer to your home move.”

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