CMS publishes new report to give GCs practical COVID-19 advice

CMS publishes new report to give GCs practical COVID-19 advice

Jonathan Warne

CMS has published its latest report in its General Counsel (GC) “Creating connections, bridging gaps” series, produced in partnership with the European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA).

The new report considers how GCs can build strategies to develop and succeed as a GC, especially amid the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report features real-life experiences and best practice advice from 18 leading GCs.

Its key topics include:

  • the increasing focus on innovation;
  • retaining talent;
  • the changing role of technology including process automation, information sharing and keeping businesses informed; and
  • the importance of soft skills to better understand and influence people.

The firm has also created the GC Birdge Model as a practical tool to help GCs build strategies and add value to their business, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jonathan Warne, head of the litigation and arbitration team at CMS, said: “At CMS, we do a lot of work with GCs and this is the eighth GC report that we have produced. Through this close and extensive work, we’ve really come to understand both the challenges and opportunities of the GC role and this is reflected in the content of our latest report.

“The questions posed in this edition offer thoughtful and practical insights, to which GCs can return for consideration time and time again. Whilst much of the report was prepared before the outbreak of COVID-19, the content is perhaps more relevant now. Businesses are expecting even more from their GCs and there will be great opportunities for GCs who are equipped to deliver more value.”

Jonathan Marsh, president of ECLA, added: “CMS have demonstrated a deep understanding of the GC role and we are pleased to have collaborated on their latest GC report.

“It is an innovative report in that it invites GCs with management responsibilities to learn about themselves and to use behavioural science techniques to better engage with clients and their teams. The report enables GCs to take time to consider their role and how others view them, vital exercises that will help them bridge gaps and create value. The interviews which feature throughout the report offer useful insight into the practical challenges faced by GCs and in-house lawyers.”

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