Call for Papers: Glasginburgh 2020

Call for Papers: Glasginburgh 2020

The second conference in a collaboration between the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow in international law – ‘Glasginburgh 200’ – will take place next year.

In April 2019, Edinburgh Law School hosted ‘Edingow’ – the inaugural conference of the two institutions.

Glasginburgh 2020 will take place at the University of Glasgow on 8 - 9 June 2020.

The topic of the conference will be ‘International Law and Distribution: Sustainable Development, Security, and the Governance of Resources’ and the call for papers is now open.

The organisers welcome applications from the critical, doctrinal and visionary traditions of international law that would enable a serious scholarly reflection on this topic and are are particularly interested to receive applications in the following areas:

  • International law and the governance of natural resources
  • Socio-economic rights at the bilateral, regional and global levels
  • Distribution of power within, and by international institutions
  • International economic law, development, and distribution
  • Distributive effects of knowledge production in international law
  • Distributive impacts of the climate change regime
  • Access to water and the distribution of water-based resources in international law
  • Conflict, security and distributional issues
  • Theoretical reflections about distributive role of international law
  • Self-determination, nationality and distributions of territory
  • SDGs and the sources of international law
  • The MDG/SDG Agenda in the UN reform process
  • The triple nexus of humanitarian aid, development, & peace-building

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