And finally… watch dogs

And finally... watch dogs

A one-year-old puppy managed to make multiple online purchases in the video game Watch Dogs with its owner’s credit card.

When Calgary resident David Murphy went to check on his dog, who had been suspiciously quiet, he discovered she had been chewing his PlayStation controller and breaking parts of it.

After addressing the mess he returned to his work. “These email alerts start popping up,” he said. Not immediately making the connection he thought “I’ve been hacked”.

He got in touch with customer service who confirmed the purchases were made from his device. Mr Murphy said: “They’re like, ‘Yeah, sir, this was ordered from your console.”

In shock, he responded: “This is impossible. It’s just me and my dog here.”

Upon turning on his console and opening up the virtual shop, however, he saw the purchases appear in his history, CBC news reports.

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