And finally… just do it

A man has avoided jail by using his trainers as bail bond in lieu of money.

Judge Douglas Stoddart at a district court in Massachusetts accepted the deposit after he offered Jason Duval, who was charged with drug offences, the opportunity to “be creative”.

Mr Duval, 39, was unable to pay the charges, dating from 2012.

He can get his trainers back by paying $100 or, alternatively, by doing 10 hours of community service.

He was charged in 2012 possession of various drugs as well as driving to endanger.

However, Mr Duval could not afford the $450 court fees that would have resulted in the case being dropped as he he was undergoing a divorce.

The judge did not trust Mr Duval enough to release him without bail and so made the unusual offer.

He said: “If you can come up with a creative idea to convince me you’ll come back, I’ll work with you.”

When Mr Duval offered his $85 trainers, the judge said: “OK, we’ll take them.”

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